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First Ever Ward Wise Meeting Held at Tarchi Bhatt Siolim Along with Ward Member Simple, Vdc Convenor, VDC Members, And the People of Tarchi Bhatt on 09th March 2023

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Flag hoisting on 15th August 2022. Flag hoisted by the Administrator Mr. Kuttikar and Secretary Mr. Raj kumar


 Gram Sabha Held at  Keerti Vidyalaya High School on 9 January, 2022


Celebration of 61th Goa Liberation Day was held at V.P. Siolim Marna




I am very glad to know that the Village Panchayat of Siolim-Marna is launching the Panchayat Website on this day 18th June 2020 for the benefits of the citizens of Siolim-Marna jurisdiction and public in general.

Considering the period of Information Technology this website  becomes the quickest system for communication and information by sitting in the comfort of ones home or office.

On this occasion I tender my best wishes to the  Village Panchayat of Siolim-Marna and all the members of the Panchayat for supporting the Website.

- Vinod D. Palyekar
(MLA For Siolim Constituency

& Former minister for WRD,

Fisheries and Legal Metrology) 



It gives me immense pleasure in addressing the Siolcars concerning this website of the Village Panchayat Siolim. It will be my constant endeavor to fulfill the dreams set by the Villagers of Siolim for the achievement of new heights with people’s participation and to see that the web site is always updated. I anticipate that the data available on this website will be helpful to the citizens of Siolim. Therefore, I appeal to all the villagers of Siolim to browse through this website and utilize its service optimally for constant suggestions and other information. I believe that the scope of this website is very wide and 

 also look forward to a digitalized Siolim with people’s participation in the years to come. I would like to appreciate the constant efforts of the staff for maintaining this website and I plead for your support which will help in delivering our best in an efficient manner.

- Mrs. Monali Pednekar
Sarpanch, V.P. Siolim Marna



I am happy to inform you about the launching of the website of our Siolim Marna Village Panchayat.This website will be beneficial to all the Siolcars as it will provide all the relevant information regarding the various schemes and services instantly. It is a great achievement for the Siolim Marna Village Panchayat. I would like to thank Our 

Sarpanch, ward members, secretary and the VDC members for their constant support and cooperation. Requesting all the Siolcars to take maximum benefit of this website.

-Peter Fedrick Fernandes

Deputy Sarpanch, V.P. Siolim Marna


1. Website is the Online process of the panchayat with strategy which allows them to give best of its services to their people.

2. Website helps in identification  of resources available in the village.

3. Website helps in marketing the resources available in the V.P. Jurisdiction to the best in order to boost the economic status.

4. Website allows helps to locate V.P. and all other prominent structures available in V.P. areas of jurisdiction. 

5. Website is available to accessible for 24 hours in a day.

6. Website also helps in gathering the information and services severed by the V.P.  to the people.

Shri. Anil Dhumaskar

B.D.O. 1

Bardez Goa



Congratulation to V.P Siolim-Marna Sarpanch Mrs. Monali Pednekar, Deputy Sarpanch Mr. Peter Freddy Fernandes, all Panchas and V.P Secretary Mr. Subhash Kambli for taking this bold decision to set up the website. In today’s world of digitisation the consumer (Villager) looks for the best transparent and effective means of getting information and making payments for the service obtained at the click of the mouse from any part of the world. Thanks to the Convenor of Village Development Council Mr. Joachim Barros for his constant efforts in making this a reality and giving a young Siolcar Eleuterio Fernandes (Tarchi Bhat) the opportunity to design the 

Website for the village. On 18th June 2020, when Goa celebrates the Revolution day let’s hope our Genext will have the opportunity to be part of the village development through the website.

-Gregory E. D’souza

Chairperson of V.P. Child Committee-SLM

& Biodiversity Committee

Convenor of Civic and Consumer Forum Siolim


WhatsApp Image 2020-06-16 at

My hearty congratulations to our Sarpanch Mrs. Monali Pednekar, our Deputy Sarpanch Mr.Freddy Fernandes, Secretary Mr.Subhas Kambli, Ward Members and all our VDC Members of Siolim-Marna Panchayat for  taking a very good decision of launching our Siolim Marna Panchayat website which will benefit all our Siolkars in and across the globe and  an  awareness of various schemes and services at a click of a button from any part of the world. A feather in the cap for our panchayat. A special thank you to Eleuterio Fernandes (website and graphics designer) a 20 yearr old local  boy from Siolim who really 

 worked hard to make this website a reality. Hope people of Siolim take advantage of our website. Thank you all and God bless .

- Joachim Barros

VDC Convenor

Siolim-Marna Panchayat


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