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Disclaimer & Policies



1) To the extent required or permitted by law, we may also collect, use and disclose personal information in connection with security related or law enforcement investigations or in the course of cooperating with authorities or complying with legal requirements.

2) If you e-mail us, you are voluntarily releasing information to us. Your e-mail address will be used by Village panchayat Siolim - Marna to respond to you.

3) In addition, we may have collected similar information from you in the past. By entering on this website you are consenting to the terms of our information privacy policy and to our continued use of previously collected information. By submitting your personal information to us, you will be treated as having given your permission for the processing of your personal data as set out in this policy when you request information or services. In respect of other information or services sent to your email address, we will continue to provide these until you ask us to stop (by using the “unsubscribe” instructions provided on each email and/or the Web site where you signed up and/or as we otherwise provide), or until the information or service is no longer available. We will not use your email address or other information to provide you with any unsolicited message or information (unless the message or information is part of the service you are requesting)


At this web site, information sent by your web browser, may be automatically collected. This information typically includes your domain name (the site after the [at] in your e-mail address). It may also contain your user name (the name before the [at] in your e-mail address). Other examples of information collected by our server include the Internet protocol (IP) address used to connect the visitor’s computer to the Internet, operating system and platform, the average time spent on our website, pages viewed, information searched for, access times, websites visited before and a visitor visits our website, and other relevant statistics.



This website is provided to you on an “as is” and “where-is” basis, without any warranty. Village panchayat Siolim - Marna, for itself and any third party providing materials, services, or content to this website, makes no representations or warranties, either express, implied, statutory or otherwise of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of third party rights, with respect to the website, the information or any products or services to which the information refers. Village panchayat Siolim - Marna will not be liable to you or any third party for any damages of any kind, including but not limited to, direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages, arising from or connected with the site, including but not limited to, your use of this site or your inability to use the site, even if Village panchayat Siolim - Marna has previously been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Availability of Village panchayat Siolim - Marna controls and operates this web site from India and makes no representation that the materials are appropriate or will be available for use in other locations. If you use this web site from outside the India, you are entirely responsible for compliance with all applicable local laws.


Information that Village panchayat Siolim - Marna publishes on the World Wide Web may contain references or cross references to Village panchayat Siolim - Marna programs and services that are not announced or available in your country. Such references do not imply that Village panchayat Siolim - Marna intends to announce such programs or services in your country.

Our website does not endorse or favour any specific commercial product or business. Non-government sites linked to from this website are present only because they may be useful additions to the information we provide. A link to a third-party website does not imply endorsement; you must use your own judgement to decide whether the information or service on that website is suitable for your needs. If a website is not linked to ours, this does not mean or imply that it is unsatisfactory. The linked websites are regularly reviewed in the light of customer usage and feedback.

Websites that we link to may have terms and conditions that are different from ours. Do not assume that our terms and conditions apply to other websites.


This web site contains material, including text, images, graphics, video and sound, which is protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property rights. All copyright and other intellectual property rights in this material are either owned by Village panchayat Siolim -Marna or have been licensed to VILLAGE PANCHAYAT SIOLIM-MARNA by the owner(s) of those rights so that it can use this material as part of this web site. VILLAGE PANCHAYAT SIOLIM-MARNA retains copyright on all Information, including text, graphics and sound and all trademarks displayed on this web site are owned by VILLAGE PANCHAYAT SIOLIM-MARNA and used under license by VILLAGE PANCHAYAT SIOLIM-MARNA affiliates.



These terms and conditions are governed by and to be interpreted in accordance with laws of India, without regard to the choice or conflicts of law provisions of any jurisdiction. You agree, in the event of any dispute arising in relation to these terms and conditions or any dispute arising in relation to the web site whether in contract or tort or otherwise, to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts located at Goa, India for the resolution of all such disputes.


2) VILLAGE PANCHAYAT SIOLIM-MARNA’s performance of this agreement is subject to existing laws and legal procedures of Government of India, and nothing contained in this agreement is in derogation of VILLAGE PANCHAYAT SIOLIM-MARNA’s right to comply with law enforcement requests or requirements relating to your use of this Web Site or information provided to or gathered by VILLAGE PANCHAYAT SIOLIM-MARNA with respect to such use. You agree that providing details of your use of the Web Site by VILLAGE PANCHAYAT SIOLIM-MARNA to regulators or police or to any other third party, or in order to resolve disputes or complaints which relate to the Web Site, is VILLAGE PANCHAYAT SIOLIM-MARNA’s complete discretion.



1) VILLAGE PANCHAYAT SIOLIM-MARNA does not routinely monitor your postings to the web site but reserves the right to do so. However, in our efforts to promote good citizenship within the Internet community, if VILLAGE PANCHAYAT SIOLIM-MARNA becomes aware of inappropriate use of the web site or any of its Services, VILLAGE PANCHAYAT SIOLIM-MARNA will respond in any way that, in its sole discretion, VILLAGE PANCHAYAT SIOLIM-MARNA deems appropriate. You acknowledge that VILLAGE PANCHAYAT SIOLIM-MARNA will have the right to report to law enforcement authorities any actions that may be considered illegal, as well as any information it receives of such illegal conduct. When requested, VILLAGE PANCHAYAT SIOLIM-MARNA will co-operate fully with law enforcement agencies in any investigation of alleged illegal activity on the Internet.

2) You agree to use this site for lawful purposes only. You must not use this site for any of the following:
• To send, state, publish, use or reuse any material which is offensive, abusive, defamatory, indecent, obscene, threatening or illegal or in breach of copyright, trade mark, confidence, privacy or any other rights.

• To transmit any chain letters, spam letters, or junk e-mail or participate in mischievous or malicious behaviour which causes or may cause damage, annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to this website or any other party.

• You may not circumvent or attempt to circumvent security measures or try to modify the site content.

3) We will do our best to ensure that content on this site is accurate and up to date and to address any errors or omissions as soon as they are identified, however;

• We cannot guarantee that the content is always accurate and up to date or that it applies to the individual circumstances of your business.

• Content of this site is not intended to be used as a substitute for legal or professional advice.

• You should seek any appropriate professional advice relevant to your particular circumstance.

4) VILLAGE PANCHAYAT SIOLIM-MARNA reserves the right to terminate access to this web site at any time and without notice. Further this limited license terminates automatically, without notice to you, if you breach any of these Terms. Upon termination, you must immediately destroy any downloaded and printed materials.

We reserve the right to exclude a particular user from a service, and/or delete their details if the abuse it (which could include, but is not limited to, hacking, submission of obscenities, fraud or the spreading of computer viruses). We may also make changes to a service without warning: This may include the removal of a service at any time.

5) VILLAGE PANCHAYAT SIOLIM-MARNA may change the terms and conditions and disclaimer set out above from time to time. By browsing this web site, you are accepting that you are bound by the current terms and conditions and disclaimer and so you should check these each time you revisit the web site.

6) VILLAGE PANCHAYAT SIOLIM-MARNA may change the format and content of this web site at any time.

7) VILLAGE PANCHAYAT SIOLIM-MARNA may suspend the operation of this web site for support or maintenance work, in order to update the content or for any other reason.

8) Personal details provided to VILLAGE PANCHAYAT SIOLIM-MARNA through this web site will only be used in accordance with our privacy policy. Please read this carefully before going on. By providing your personal details to us you are consenting to its use in accordance with our privacy policy.

9) Security and Virus Protection: No data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed as totally secure. While we strive to protect such information, we do not warrant and cannot ensure the security of any information which you transmit to us. Accordingly, such transmission is at your own risk. We will not be liable for any damages or loss arising out of or resulting from any unauthorized access to, alternation to or modification of information contained on this website.
We make every effort to check and test our website during production. You must take your own precautions to ensure that the process which you employ for accessing this website does not expose you to risk of viruses, malicious computer code or other forms of interference which may damage your computer system. It is always wise for you to run an anti-virus program on anything you download from the Internet.

We accept no liability for any loss, disruption or damage to your computer system or your data caused by using this website or arising as a result of having used the website.




If at any time you believe that Village panchayat Siolim - Marna has not adhered to these privacy guidelines, please notify us by email at and we will we will resolve it and take any remedial action as we reasonably determine in our discretion and in accordance with applicable laws.

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